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About me

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Designer & Architect

“I believe that Architecture and Design get along, by their way of thinking. Both creative sciences start by reading the human behavior, relating subjective and technical data, driving trough psicology and ergonomy. The goal is to achieve the best solution regarding aesthetics, function and innovation. That’s why I step in at both fields.”

What I seek
I’m looking for job positions in editorial, graphic and digital design at places with free spirit and willing to make a change throught the quality of it’s services and/or products. I also enjoy challenges and learning new things!

2010 - 2016         Universidade de São Paulo, Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo
2014                       University of Strathclyde, Intercâmbio em Arquitetura (SWB) - Glasgow - UK

Professional Experience

2016 - 2017         Giordano Villasboas Arquitetura e Construção, Arquiteta Assistente
2015 - 2016        Sacada Arquitetos , Assistente de Arquitetura 
2014                     Dress for the Weather, Architecture and Design Summer Job
2013 - 2016        Secretaria de Habitação Social (Prefeitura de São Paulo), Estagiária de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Full CV at Linkedin
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